Colombian Slang Endurance Hints And Tips. Among your preferred countries in Latin The united states, this Colombian slang instructions shall help you fit into.

Colombian Slang Endurance Hints And Tips. Among your preferred countries in Latin The united states, this Colombian slang instructions shall help you fit into.

Tomorrow may last day of my personal two thirty days visa in Colombia and Im progressing.

Initially when I first arrived in Colombia I found myself very aggravated because I could definitely not see Colombians. Colombian jargon features its own pair of expression and jargon.

I found myselfnt positive that it had been given that they were mumbling, talking easily or a combination of both of them.

Colombia try a country with a large number of population and multiple highlights throughout.

This lends it self to many people different terminology becoming adapted nationwide. Lower, are some of the top Colombian slang terms, Colombian jargon insults and Colombian jargon greetings ordinarily.

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Essential Colombian Slang

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The one thing I did realize is that there is certainly a terrific volume of expression that I didn’t realize:


Listo virtually ways ready but its additionally used if a thing makes sense or great or acceptable.

We hear this once or twice each day however when I initial shown up I imagined everyone was always inquiring me easily had been completely ready.


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With delicious aguardiente as well as other yummy Colombian products really too easy to grow to be hungover.

In Mexico the two refer to it crudo, which indicate that raw. Although Colombian Spanish for hangover is definitely guayabo.

Example: Este guayabo me personally va a matar(EN) This hangover will probably eliminate me personally.


Thats best, this English word is employed a lot in Colombia and is regularly make reference to one, a boy or a youngster.

Instance: Este person es muy buena persona (This people is definitely good individual).

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Colombians are incredibly respectful and there is a sense of custom within their speech.

Any person helping a person, from a taxi motorist to a food market worker will talk about this to you personally. It essentially suggests to order it is more like most at your very own service.

I did not appreciate this one whatsoever, specifically when i might grumble to taxi cab individuals which they were getting me too much as well as responded because of this term which actually intended become from the cab gringa.


That is put a lot in Colombia and identifies any time one thinks delighted or comfortable a number of spot or circumstances.

Case: Te veo muy amanado en la fiesta o te veo muy amanada en tu nueva casa (EN) I help you very happy in the celebration or I see you very happy inside new home

Con mucho gusto

Another Colombian pleasantry that may be confounding. While in every other region it means nice in order to satisfy a person we started hearing they here from waitresses along with other program visitors anytime I thanked them.


Caliente does not only indicate beautiful additionally it indicates sexy in Colombian slang. I mastered this the hard method once your dance mate didn’t realize I found myself mentioning I found myself horny heat sensible.

Change: A kind buddy only wrote me it had been because I believed estoy usuario rather than tengo calor. Lesson mastered.

Realizar una vaca

Even though this Colombian slang translates to generate a cow. It is far from fairly far-off.

The term Hacer una vaca or Hagamos una vaca describes gathering dollars among several everyone for a specific factor.

Colombians take action much to invest in meals, for getaways, for activities, for 1st birthdays, etc.

Model: Hagamos una vaca para irnos de paseo el fin de semana. (En) Lets share the funds with each other to go on escape the vacation.


If you’d like to fit in you must decrease si and initiate making use of local speak.


Colombians love to marvel at appeal and bonita, hermosa, guapa and preciosa werent lowering they; youll often notice these people need lindo/linda to descibe pretty factors.


This will likely additionally mean Monkey but in Colombia is used a lot more mico o simio to refer to a monkey.

Mono is used a lot to refer to a gothic people (it is said with fondness), very, when you are a foreigner and crazy, you can expect to listen a good deal that they call an individual Mono or Mona should you be a lady.

Sample: you are really in a shop plus they claim Que se votre brinda mono exactly what do I do for your needs, blondie?


All techniques to state one thing happens to be cool although seemingly chimba trumps chevre much the same way fabulous trumps fun.

But take care because chimba likewise is about feminine genitalia although rather great observe the two a minimum of appropriated it in a positive light.


Truly regularly make reference to someone that is a very buddy, who’s going to be like a buddy and who is constantly for the good times and bad.

In Colombia good friends also grow to be part of the household, although in Colombia they’re quite welcoming and additionally they incorporate parcero is considerably friendly so to type in self-esteem.


Like our very own reduced construction in french por support becomes intolerable for many individuals Colombians as a result its become porva. This became really the only jargon that agitated me personally because I would never get the verb in every dictionary.

Once we understood these Love it if more felt like I had used my Spanish to a new degree, needless to say which is here but later Ill be in Ecuador so there may be another order of construction realize.


This phase can refer to an item, condition or measures. Eg: ?los cuales problema con esa vaina! or Se dano esa vaina.

The french translation was What an issue with that thing! or That thing is actually stressed!

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